Since I was a little girl I have been utterly obsessed with fashion. My enthusiasm comes from my curiosity for the way different people react with clothes: ‘simple’ garments give people the opportunity to create an expression of their own uniqueness and creativity. The simple process of putting an outfit together everyday-a reflex for most-is my favourite part of the day. I love seeing how others interpret style as well; the thought that went into what they chose to wear to work that day, or what dress to wear on that first date. I have spent countless hours on fashion blogs, and outfit inspiration pages; gaining new ideas, and fuelling my creativity. That is where Hattie in Heels was born, a simple passion project, an outlet for daily outfit inspiration, and just a general look into my everyday life. Friendly, passionate, always hungry for a new adventure: this is me.

For any inquiries or collaboration requests, please e-mail me at hattieinheels@gmail.com.

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