The 90s are BACK! What goes around really does come back around. We see it time and time again,  a resurgence of popular trends from years back. This season has been having a major love affair with the 90s. Chokers, tees under slip dresses, "mom jeans," brown lipstick, you almost forget what decade we're actually in! Myself, I have been totally embracing all of it. I love how throwing a tee under a normally very sexy slip dress, makes it totally daytime appropriate. I have layered this tee under a lace cami as well, popped a blazer on top, and voila! I am ready for my desk job. Make sure when you are choosing a tee, you go for something with a slimmer cut. You don't want to add bulk!

This sweater coat from Line Knitwear is definitely a staple of mine. It is perfect for that "in-between" weather, where it's too cold for just a light sweater, but too warm for a heavy winter jacket. It also looks great belted.

 Chokers... my everyday essential. I can honestly say I wear one every single day. Whether it be a fabric one (like I'm wearing here), or a delicate chain, I do love my chokers. Thin chain chokers make great layering pieces, as no other necklace will lay on top. If chokers bother your neck, try buying one with the toggle chain, as you can then make it as tight or loose around your neck as you please. 

I hope everyone has a great rest of their week! It has been freezing here in Edmonton, so hopefully, the rest of the week allows us to defrost...xx

Slip Dress- Cami NYC Yeggers, available at Yu Fashion
Tee- Velvet
Sweater Coat- Line Knitwear, Sold out, Similar here 
Choker- Vanessa Mooney 
Bag- Gucci

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